6 August 2009

Last day of my old job for me.

Life changes. Abruptly. After 2 years teaching ‘IT for the Terrified’ to hundreds of computerphobic people across Kent it’s time to call it a day and accept the fact that funds have run out and I’ll be doing that particular job no more. It’s been great having a nice job and good money but, hey, life changes and just to cap off the last day I had an interview for another job, teaching prisoners, and then faced the grim prospect and signed on. What a fucking shock to the system that was. Right back to the dole, up the eyeballs in debt and what prospects does a 40 something have in the crap job land of East Kent? Mustn’t think negatively. Be positive. Repeat till funny.

After signing on went for a large cappuccino and a and a hot blueberry muffin at Whitstable’s finest vegetarian emporium, Cornucopia, for a chin wag with Josephine who now works in the cafĂ© out back of the shop. Or was that yesterday?

Deciding to be depressed back at home I got a call of J&E. ‘Fancy a beer?’ they say, ‘we’re near your local shop eating ice cream out in the sunshine’, and, after they knock me out my impending torpor it’s off for a quick, cheery, walk down the lovely, sunny, windswept yet surprisingly hot Seasalter beach for a quick shingle dance to work up the old thirst. The smiles and chat can’t help but emerge forth.

The beach is deserted except for Trevor Nelson standing on the sea wall making a call on his moby. We decide to ignore him. E’s dog Ella gives us the ideal
excuse to point, throw stones, whistle and shout loudly without embarrassment. After a bit we sit in a line on a gnarled, washed up log for a quick smoke and watch a lugworm digger do his stuff way out on the mudflats. He’s left piles of dug up holes everywhere and looks like he’s been at it for hours. It’d the perfect start to a brand new lifestyle. That’s the main reason the website has suddenly taken off again. Plenty of time to kill.

Down the Blue Anchor pub or the Blu Wanker as Val calls it, for a nice draught of full flavoured lager. Then another. Then another, ‘cheeky one’. All the pubs in town have been given funny names by us. Sit in the unkempt beer garden throwing stones for the dog. Get back and Shaun comes round to pick up the Unity Bar posters and flyers for our gig in Canterbury next week. He’s full of the joys of spring and invites me boating with him and the kids on Saturday morning which will be a nice way to spend the day. Relaxed amongst friends. That’s what I need.

Decide to work on the website on 1st April. Have a ‘holiday’ on Friday 2nd. Do the gig on Saturday down the Smack then take ‘it’ from there and see what happens. Something’s bound to turn up sooner or later. If it doesn’t then this website maybe the full on middle youth version of ‘my life and fund free torment’. Oh, it is anyway…