26 August 2009

extravaganza of a free party

A great 2 room extravaganza of a free party eschews as both locals and visitors hoe down to music from the entire dance spectrum. Well, house in one room and drum and bass ‘plus beats’ in the other. The youth of today totally confounding nihilistic cultural expectations by smiling, getting on with each other, having a great laugh and just generally being full of all round positive enthusiasm for life, each other and the strange music they all love dancing to as we all said ‘oh well, bye’ to end of the old year and ‘yeah, bring it on, oh, I wonder what will happen this year’ to the new.

In the ‘dad’ house room, where the tVC clan were, friends old and new gathered once again to shake them old limbs and to renew and confirm that, ok we really do like each other and here’s another hug from me and how is your life going coz mines great and I’m really so glad I met you and that you are in my life, friend, and that you really make an effort and, hey, maybe take a big risk coming to an old hotel in Herne Bay, of all places, to come here on New Years Eve to see us and isn’t this a really positive thing for us all to do?

tVC DJ’s emerge from hibernations or machinations or life changing events, make efforts of gargantuan loviness to the god, or goddess, of rhythm and create sinews of bassness, or should that be baseness?, for us all to cheer to and slide along. Friendships reaffirmed or continued or just taken to a new level ripple along the plush leather seating surrounding the intimate, carpeted, bar area. Small cubby holes of huddled people animate their innermost of outermost thoughts and laugh and respond to each others reminiscences or encounters of what they did that day or over Christmas. Whether ‘quiet one’ or ‘family one’ or whatever. People who have not seen each other for, ooh, ages, shriek with delight as each new wave of totally top people enter the room.

The mountain of lights go ‘swing’ round the room; go on suddenly and blind and dazzle ready for the moment of total darkness as they pass. In the swirl of see less smoke the cuts and beats lift the feet as elbows and hands draw their well worn routes and the musical waves and coloured lights illuminate, fleetingly, faces alive with the future. It isn’t about young and not so young or d&b and house anymore; it’s about club culture or more specifically free party culture reaffirming their chosen passion whatever the music you listen to twist your melons.

Both rooms have a constant stream of people buzzing along like ants between the two. Doorways and corridors constantly blocking and unblocking as they stream past each other; recognising faces, shouting greetings. And do you realise how much this lot talk? Their ideas and dreams and hopes are spring boarded off the ears of anyone who will listen for the briefest passing moment. The pleasure of exchange and sharing compounded by the densely packed room and the loud music.

Phones are constantly out too; sending, receiving passing information. Then suddenly it’s midnight. Another year ending at that moment. An artifice yes; but a powerful one nonetheless. The music goes off for a second before the ‘theme from the muppet show’ strikes out to cheers and champagne corks popping. ‘It’s time to put on make up; it’s time to get it right; it’s time to get things started on the muppet show tonight’.

Every thing seems to intensify that little bit more and for one brief fleeting moment the world seems a magical place.

Happy New Year everyone…