18 August 2009

Ended up leaving early

A weekend of highs and lows. Naw, not really; lows and medium to getting highs at most. Sometimes you’ve got to have weekends like that just to make the good ones seem more standoutish.

After another busy day at work in Sheerness helping the clued down population with their computer and maths and English skills it was a slow drive home through the massive jams caused by the building of the Sheppey Bridge. This is finished sometime in summer 2006. It’s a right pain. It adds a least a hour there and an hour back onto any journey and I hate time it steals from me.

Soulful Sessions were promoting a night at the Horsebridge in Whitstable. Me and MDM were booked to play. It was a disaster. No one turned up. The reason the gig failed was as follows;

The publicity material was put out too late and not distributed effectively.

The flyer itself was worded in such a way that anyone reading it would have thought ‘what the fuck is that trying to say?’ e.g. ‘no puffas’.

They had already done a gig the week before and one the week before that.

The venue is poo! The main room has no windows in it, is acoustically bereft of positiveness and tries to look like an upturned boat.

The council had to put curtain all round the room to temper the bad acoustics.
The fucking architect, who has also ‘designed’ several other buildings in town should be taken out to the nearest field, forced to dig his own grave, them mercilessly shot in the head for crimes to architecture, then the grave should be filled up with the rubble from his demolished follies.

Last entry was 10 and the whole thing had to finish by 12. What the fucking hell do they think they are doing restricting events to 12 midnight? My god, every self respecting lover of dance music doesn’t even think about leaving the house till 10pm let alone having to finish their partying by midnight. It’s a joke. That’s why most people didn’t even bother.

Instead of finishing the very short night off with house music as they had stated on their flyer they got the downstairs room DJ to finish off upstairs so we got De La Cruz playing his ‘funky shit’ to 6 people dancing.

The venue is no smoking.

Ended up leaving early.