7 July 2009

top 10's from 2000

TOP 10's

Subject: Tims ten for the moment
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 12:26 AM

1.. 2-Utes = Bumpin' the BQE, (Miguel Migs mix) ,U/S - Dripping Wet.
2.. A man called Quick = They just want, (Dj Meri mix), U/S - Strictly Rhythm.
3.. Hi-Lo Four = Cut to butt, AUSTRIA - Grow.
4.. Big audio spidermite = ( All mixes) , U/K - Drop Music.
5.. Boozy + Swain = Champagne beat boogie, (Rasoul's Mimosa dub), U/S - Sunburn.
6.. Tuomas Salmela = The Becoming , U/K - 20-20 Vision.
7.. Paranoid Jack = Soldiers of the underground , U/S - Stickman.
8.. 6400 Crew = Right there, U/S - Electric soul.
9.. Native force = Promise ep, (The chase) , U/K - Zozan music.
10.. C-Pen = Robotica ep, U/S - Seasons.


Darren Strange

· glenn underground - 'lounge excursions' on guidance records (album)- sweet
jazzy chicago soulfull rythms. yum.
· big muff - 'aurally exciting remixes' on maxi/snapt records (album)-
farley+heller, francois k + other genius add their touch to remix of big
muffs debut album. good spectrum of stuff here.
· ladyvipb - 'you gave away my everything' on nuphonic (12")- maurice
creates the deepest + dirtiest, fazeyest, techy little groover of a
soundscape. really smooth + spaced out!
) the new glasgow
underground release - 'view from the hieghts-neon hieghts and zed j' - it's
an absolute belter, all covered in thick chocolate with a sprinkling of
100's + 1,000's and a flake!


DJ SHAUN (tVC) July 17th 2000
Ten tunes from my bag in no particular order.

1. Marcus Nikolai "Bushes" Classic 73
Excellent twisted crooning number, with mixes by Derick Carter (It makes me nod and Larf !).

2. Romanthony. Three really; " R.Hide in plain site" a double pack of nine tunes at 33 1/3 rpm on "Glassgow Underground ".
Another 2 mixes of "Bring U Up" again on Glasgow at 45rpm GU55 and......

3. The "Wackdaddies" with "A walk in the park..part 2 " plus "Payday" on another label from Glasgow "Under The Counter" UTC 015.
Well, I assume that the Wackdaddies are Tony Senghore and Paul Woolford who wrote and produced the original "A walk in the park" which is not on this piece and I assume is part 1. I like "Payday" a lot (don't we all) very funky and lovely with a similar production style to Romanthony who does two mixes on this three
tracker. I love all that tension, compression and teasing that goes on on his tunes, with emphasis on production and feel......Fodder for me at its best !

4. Lance Desardi "Capitol S ep" Plush 04 Promo
Nice and steppy clip clop house, Nice 'n' Crisp, like a Granny Smith's, with what sounds like a chopped up filltered bit of Billie Jean bass in there maybe?....shh!.Don't tell Michael.

5. Gene Hunt "Universal Rhythm" Real Estate Records 013 U.S.
A fine track from Chicago with a pompous vocal that sounds like it comes from a west end musical, it amuses me greatly.

6. Petalpusher "Surrender" Naked Music Recordings NM05 U.S.
Four mixes of this love song from San Francisco, written arrranged and produced by Miguel Migs (who's been a clever bastard all this year.) The original version has done it for me every time so far.

7. DJ Rasoul "Nightsource" Silver Network Silver 003 France
Three tunes from the above. I've not gone out of my way to end up with his tunes but I've ended up with quite a few and no doubt will get some more from this versatile man. Classy rolling funky deep house, the A side co written with the above clever Mr M Migs.

8. Glen Crocker "G.U. Esentials pt.3" Dust Trax DTX 021 U.S.
Three tracks of smooth U.S. Garage style house. I'm a sucker for this feel good vibe espcially "Get back" B1 which is uncannily like a track from "The Necessary ep" released early last year on Nordic trax by Peter Hecher called "K2morrow", lifts me up and takes me higher!

9. Roy Davis Jr. "Join His Kingdom" 20000ST ST015 France
Compressed and beautifully produced funky Gospel three tracker, fine vocals by Roy Davis with a long deep working dub on the b side, religious it is, but aren't we all in some way?

10. Sandy Rivera and Jose Burgos featurring Karen Workman "I Wanna Dance With You" Central Park Recordings
Progressive swinging track, three mixes, one for the girlie in all of us.


top 10 chart 2/5/00
Andy Compton(peng/rurals)

1)"the rhythm slave" ,dj sneak , on-classic

2)"the ghetto",george benson , on-maw

3)"mundo latino", ghetto swing ,on- chilli funk

4)"tree's e.p", the kick squad,on-peng(t.p)

5)"various stylez ep",boc productions,on - r.o.i.

6)"my dreams",wally callerio,on -dufflebag(no'4)

7)"the missing member",the missing member,on-clip recordings

8)"various textures pt 2",various,on-transport

9)"let me entertain you",dave,on - raum musik

10)"erotic geometry",tasho nicolapolus,on-dufflebag recordings


Deep Unity
10 from Oz - tVC - 3rd July 2000 1. Peace Division - Junkyard Funk (Low Pressings LP001, UK)

Justine Drake and Clive Henry produce Low Pressings first LP and what a cracker it is. Deep and funky dance floor friendly grooves for the 21st Century from the masters of tech.


2. Lisa Shaw - Always (Naked Music 009, US)

Another cool and mellow J Denes Naked. Petalpusher remix from the prolific Miguel Migs and a Peaktime Mix from Restless Soul. Lovely.

3. Idjut Boys - Saturday Night Live (Nuphonic 143, UK)

LP from the Lounge Lizards par exellence. All good stuff here. ideal for chill up or chill down especially outside.

4. Freedom - Love Don't Come Easy (Earth, Moon and Sun 7, US)

Great new label from LA gets well underway with this guitar and vocal led snorter from Duke.


5. Dimitri From Tokyo - Tomigaya Traks (bno 17, Fr)

Actually Dimitri from Paris with 3 tracks produced in the Tomigaya Studios in Tokyo. Another bno classic in the making.


6. FredEverything -UnderTheSun (20:20 Vision VISLP002, UK)

11 great tracks from Frederic Blais with various UK collaborators including At Jazz, Toko and Ninja Tune. Classy, classic vibes and an all round excellent LP.


7. Standard White Issue - The Smog Sunset EP (Infinite Jazz Recordings 01, US)

Andrew Macari on the A side comes up with a real beautiful excursion on the first release of this promising new label from Arizona.


8. Benji Candelario presents Subslide Rockin (Nite Grooves 118, US)

A great building circle of condensed rhythm for that hypnotic dancefoor house-out. Not his best but still well worth a listen.


9. Alexander East - Deeper Shades (After Hours 147, US)

Hefty double pack heavy on the garage: always for the dance floor.


10. Derrick Carter - Mo Pschidt (Classic 75,UK)

More great groovy vibes from Da Man. Catching the essence of the zeitgeist: again.


11. Kings of Tomorrow- it's All In The Lifestyle (Distance 991, US).

Sandy Riviera triple pack crammed with garage goodies. essential.