14 July 2009

sarah lark is going well pear shaped

So, this Sarah lark is going well pear shaped for me at the minute. I ain't seen the girl for over a fortnight and had arranged to see her the other night at mine at 7pm. I’d bought in some lovely food and wine and was expecting to have a nice quiet night in chilling out and having a laugh. Come 6pm and she texts me going 'oh honey, I’m running very late. I’ll give you a shout when I’m free!' I was down in Herne Bay anyway meeting a venue owner and sorting a gig out for tVC and was running a little late myself but I knew that even if I was at home cooking and prepping she would have still done the same.

How the fuck are you supposed to enjoy a mates company when they aren’t even there. I had a bit of a whinge about ‘if you say you’re going to do something then you should bloody well do it’ stuff and she started crying saying I was horrible to her. I ended up down the Continental getting pissed with Scouse and MDM and we were all giving it the old ‘women ey?’ vibe. Not that we’re sexist pigs at all. Oh no!

Later she rang MDM up, he told me the next day, and was whinging to him about hurt she was by me. Don’t know what sort of game she’s playing there by doing that. Seems wrong to me somehow. I waited 24 hours before contacting her and she was expecting apologies from me but she never once expressed any regret that the whole bloody fuss was caused by her reneging on her deal to me in the first place. I didn’t tell her I knew that she’d rang Marc. Besides, I’m spending more and better time (without the sex though) with Tort at the minute; so it can’t be right that you spend easier time with an ex than you do with a current? What's that all about. Anyway, speaking of T; as I mentioned last week about Rosie cancelling their hol together; when I saw her the other day (went round to hers and cooked her some food - 'meals on wheels Mrs V!') she said she'd booked up her flight to come over and visit you. Nice! See; things do work out in the end ey? I said to her Rosie may be taking the 'Richard Cage' stance at the moment and completely blanking out the ex best mate who slept with ex boy/f or girl/f. Fuck 'em ey?

Some people think they own you even when they don't go out with you anymore. I said give her time; she'll come around. Although when I talked to Rosie she's still a bit sore about the 'betrayal' at the moment.

Last Sunday we ended up down the Neppy. Now, I left about 7pm becasue of work the next day etc but MDM stayed on with Just and Em and they got wazzed on coke and booze and MDM went back to Carole’s and had what he called ‘a wrestle’ with Carole. I think he ‘playfully’ wrestled her to the carpet and thought it was a right hoot. This, according to Carole, upset ‘the kids’ (George and Alma – one in their late teens the other early 20’s and not fucking kids at all really) and Marc was 'asked to leave'. Carole told him the next day to apologise to ‘the kids’ for his ‘behaviour’. He thought he’d done nothing wrong but rang them and apologised anyway. At the Continental this was really sticking in his gut and it all came out about he has never got any respect or acceptance from ‘the kids’ or Carole and has never felt welcome in Carole's house all the 15 years he’s known her and lived there. He was genuinely and deeply upset.

Anyway, I was a bit upset at Sarah for ringing my mate and sounding off to him about me and then not telling me she’d done that. What’s that all about I wonder? Scouse was rattling on about Bean and her lack of willingness to ‘commit’ to him but how he’s really quite ok about it and doesn’t mind ‘waiting’ till ‘she’s ready’. So, the same night, before the barney with Sarah, I rang Chris Goodman up because he hadn’t spoken to me since his 10 minute phone rant 2 months before saying he couldn’t possibly ever talk again to any of Terry’s friends ever again or anyone from the old dance crowd as it was just ‘too painful’ for him. So I rang him. He immediately started to blame me (eh?) for putting on parties and ‘giving everyone’ ecstasy and ‘making’ you ‘behave’ the way you did. I knew about ‘it all’ and ‘never told him’ coz I was conspiring with you to hide it all from him. ‘What sort of mate is that?’ he said. I said listen; ‘every fucker knew what was going on, including Gary (coz he’d just been talking about how ‘great’ Gary was), so get over it. No one gives a fuck. T was just doing what she wanted to do and I respect anyone’s right to do what the fuck they want. Including you’. He said Gary had ‘assured’ him that he knew nothing about anything. Then he goes on about he’s coming to the party this Saturday and how he only ever ‘went to parties because Terry wanted it’. Sheesh! So WTF is he doing saying he hates all the dance crowd and parties and then plans to come to a party? The geezer is fucking crazy mate and is like some fucking terrier who won’t let go of a dead rabbit. He contradicts himself all the time sometimes in the same bloody sentence. Anyway, he was aggressive, rude and dismissive and I’ve had it with that fucker - for a bit.

This weekend should hopefully be better for me as there’s loads on and I’m fucking going to go to all of it. It all starts tonight with Warren and Si Wells’ birthday meal at Clyde’s Mexican place. Forgot the name. They’ve booked the whole restaurant and are probably going to give it the full tequila vibe. I hope! Saturday is Martin Ramsden’s birthday bash down Graveney Marshes which me and S are doing a tvc/s**s thing – the first of the year. Well, its tVC’s marquee, tVC’s rig and tVC’s DJ’s but it’s nice for S to get the S***dance name out again for an airing and him and J are going to do a little cafĂ© for everyone. Which will be nice. Jane Fitz and Sketchy Beats are coming down from London and the whole lot of us, including Warren and Mark Croucher and Subway Sounds are going to play as well. I’ve renamed everyone ‘The Whitstable All Stars’ which is quite appropriate and funny to boot.

Two things to do before the Graveney Party; one visit Katrina. It’s her leaving party in Herne Bay before she moves to Whitstable. I’ve got her a card and a little present and hope to arrange to see her at the other party later. I was mentioning my interest in Kat to MDM down the Continental and he goes to me; ‘yeah, she’s well after me that one!’ ‘How do you know’, I ask? ‘I can just tell’ he says. What a fucker. The other, Two; go to see Ben's Ego, Justin's band are playing at the Red Lion in Baddlesmere so would like to get over there before the big party too. Don’t want to get to the big party before 2am anyway. It’s too manic at parties before that for me. Sunday it’s an ‘afternoon gathering round Nick Dent’s’ so that’ll be nice for a bit of a comedown, I mean chill out. It’s also Karen from the Smack’s birthday and I’ve been invited to the Smack for her celebs. Which is nice. Monday is Whitstable Castle sesh with Cathy and all that lot doing their usual sitting on the grass in the sunshine vibe. Nice.