16 July 2009

Pandora’s Other Box

So it was a last minute invite round to Katrina’s last night for a lovely meal with some of her friends. The pretext was that it was still Clare’s 50th birthday celebrations and that they had loads of wine left. My pretext was to get to know C a bit better.

On arrival K was flapping in the very large kitchen trying to get the food together; a sort of Portuguese baby new potatoes and tuna, roasted vegetables and chick peas in some nice sauce with tomato soup for starters. She was well behind as we got stuck into the wine left over from the Goths and Chav party at the weekend. I offered to help and was duly assigned various jobs whilst the others ensconced themselves round the table. K gave me a bit of an ‘interview’, which I didn’t mind at all, asking me what I did for a living and what my qualifications were. We’d never had this conversation and I was a bit worried by her constant ‘really?’ to everything I said in her deep, husky voice. ‘Yeah, I’m a fully qualified chef…’ Deep and husky because she said she had some genetic defect that left scarring in her throat and on her arms and various other places thus causing her voice to sound really deep. She also said she gets fatigued because of it. Although to see her zip around cooking the food and cleaning that kitchen behind her I thought she had bags of energy. Not quite Sarah’s OCD level but heading there. I think she was nervous and she’s usually so confident! The other bit of news I got was that she’s selling up in Herne Bay and moving to Whitstable, so that’s a potential opportunity for more contact there if ever I thought!

Also there was Tracie, the first time I’ve really spent time with her although I have seen her face around town a bit. She’s organising an exhibition in Whitstable called Pandora’s Other Box with K and Clare and Cathy Miles and a few of the other Whitstable female artists. She’d cycled from The Bubble and was training up to do a run soon so was full of that. I’d said I’d get her a pedometer so she can see how far she is running. She’s also allergic to cats so I threw K’s lovely green eyed cat out into the garden with Charlie the dog. Oh, and Clare’s brother Dan was there too. Over from San Fran and amusing us with tales of the ‘events management’ he works on over there. Him and Marc love motor bikes, they found out, and spent most of the time discussing a road trip from San Fran to Alaska which they want to do next year. Yeah right!

I spent most of the night sandwiched between Clare and K chatting away merrily to both of them about the usual shit; food, travel, technology, principally mobile phones and broadband deals. K was increasingly shocked by how cheap technology is these days and vowed to upgrade her creaky old mobile and get online a bit faster. I invited them to my curry night next week. K said how guys don’t like skinny girls and I said some do (I do!) and how I thought she was slender or slim and not skinny which can be seen as a derogatory term.

You know for a weekday night things weren’t too bad and we all had a lovely, nice time. What more can you ask for from a bunch of stranger friends just getting to know each other?