10 July 2009

Deep Unity with Doris Days' Dog and Jes

Gerald Mitchell - Groove Within the Groove (430 West, US)
Three tracks with attitude from Detroit. All equally as potent. The stand out track is on the AA side, but as the two tracks on this side are cleverly cut (as
the title suggests) it’s impossible to tell which one it is. Nevertheless quality dancefloor prevails.
Website; www.430west.com

Wiggle it Mamma FFR001
Toka Project FFR002
The Unusual Suspects FFR003
(All Filter Flow Recordings)
More user friendly antics from the Nottingham connection. This time the Filter Flow/Toka boys keep it rocksteady. In a similar but dubbier vein to Drop Music this new label is making small but significant waves. Hard to find, be warned.

Dino & Terry - Show Me Vis029
(20/20 Vision, UK)
The title track blows up the place. Like a sublime deep house tune, only deeper. As the Don would say.. ”right time + right place = total devastation”. Track it down.
Website; www.20-20vision.co.uk

Onionz, Tony & Dano - Extreme Measures EP MDR9618-1
(Moody Recordings)
Filtered disco madness from these up and coming San Fran heads. Check their work on Red Melon and Low Pressings. All solid dancefloor material. Made by people you can relate to. Trust me.

Halo & Hipp-e - The H Foundation MDR9619-1 (Moody Recordings)
San Fran on a Chicago product. Deep twisted shit. Bass heavy with much filtering and drug induced sampling.
Middle of the night music and as the label says, Moody. A side rocks the house right.
Website; www.mixconnection.com

Reel House - Takai IN2012073 (Influence)
Two sides of tribal quality from Robert Mello & Dominic Dawson on this irratic British label. Cool baselines with melodies constructed by reel musicians
who know their craft.

The Deal - Play On IN2012070
Dominic Dawson teams up with Alcides Sousa this time for a 4am outing that really hits the spot. A dark tribal stomper with a killer hook line that really keeps the floor moving. Acquire.

Greyhound Records
No info, only that this San Fran outfit are top of the heavyweight dub scene. Input on these three releases from Dano, Tony, Garth and Doc Martin plus other west coast knowledge. 008 comes complete with a Robert Owen re-work that kicks. Dub goes head to head with house, overseen by 303, stand well back.

Mike Grant - It’s a Detroit Thing MG002 (Moods and Grooves)
Sunlight is the one to put to work on this quality US inspired UK product. Long drawn out techno with a minimal feel. Groovy tech-house rhythm is blissfully rounded off by Detroit style chords. 2am or 8am either way this ones off the scale.

Tiny Trendies - The Sky is not Crying PM02 (Pink Music)
NY offering. Very minimal. Awesome vocal (see title) One for the wind down.

Hakan Lidbo - Native Islander EP Fiji 001-6 (Fiji Recordings)
As Terry Francis would say this is most definitely a Houseno EP. On a uk plate this vinyl disc sees brutal drum patterns over 303 baselines that are deeper than Atlantis. Long live this sound. A new artist on a new label. More soon please.

Dave Aquarell EP Musik04 (Raum…Musik)
Techno for house heads. Only to be played in the very small hours - the next day preferably. Ultra mellow deep cool synth work. Dave, you are the man.

Rob Paine - Christian Street Princess EP (Worship Recordings)
A new US label with 3 releases under their belt. All tow a firm party line. All are hard to find. Heavy duty sounds coupled with heavy duty sub-bass. This
outing is a 4 track EP, the main tunes on each side are dark and long. Both build into subtle uplifting vocals ala Moraes circa 1995. Head down, foot
shuffling stuff. You know you love it.

NBR 2001
No info. Two tracks here that really hit the spot. The A side has a superbly looped vocal and no kick drum. Great mixing tool. The B side offers a nice housey roller that is very polite and borrows heavily from the Webster mould. Sample police are onto it.

Illumination - Perfect Sky MM052 (Music Man)
Another top release from this ever present stable. Cut ‘n’ Paste intro leads into a beautiful head-nodder with a vercoder vocal that twists its way through the elegant melodies. An excellent break down builds nicely. Shades of the Gung label about this one. Seek and Destroy.

Second Array tite-05b (Tektite Recordings)
An EP in the true sense of the word. 4 tech-house offerings from around the globe brought to you on a European plate. Stand out tunes are from our man Azad Rizvi in his Silverlining guise, who kicks off a wiggle style stormer and Fred Giannelli who constructs for you here a piece of music that cannot be pigeon holed. Bass heavy. End Of.
Website; www.isolateral.com

Herberts resourceful eclectic sample library and left field deep house ruminations are lifted to another plane with vocal talent from Dani Siciliano and Phil Parnell.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - SF DJ's Come Home (Pan Handle Records 01, US)
New Oakland based label kicks off with a strong four tracker of which the highlights could be Rasoul and Miguel 'Migs' 'Night Source' and Spencer kincy's 'Space Floor'. Both rhythm heavy top-o-the-night funk and percussive spank-o-thons worthy of any DJ's attention. Email encouragement to: panhadl@ix.netcom.com

VARIOUS ARTISTS - West Coast Sampler (Peng Records 5, UK)
Devon based Peng with another quality four tracker. Stand outs include DJ Basil's funked bouncability on 'Don't Leave' and The Flash Brothers guitar on 'Disco Pigeon'.

THE PEOPLE present This-Out (Plate 2, US)
Peter Funk is back with one track from four of a darker harder denser more rolling complexion. Calle's original, STP and Thee Percussive Ones give their own slant. www.irerecordings.com (this is on their label credits but last time I tried there was no connection).

KERRI "kaos 6:23" CHANDLER- Coro (Nite Grooves 111, US)
Two mixes of a steady tribal and horn workout with a tinge of African vocal sample from the man with the patented snare rimshot.

DANO & TONY - The Crawl EP (Red Melon Records 2, US)
New label from San Francisco with a strong four tracker of immense depth and dancefloor latency. Has that tougher rhythmic backdrop with inserted horns and various other off kilter sounds. One to watch. E-mail them on

ADNY & THE PERSUADER PRESENTS - Quarter of a Century Part 2 of 3 (Earthtones 9, US)
More quality from Earthtones and contiuing the themes raised in part one. Pecussive jams and high strings vie with vocal samples and a deep dubby edge to create a subtle dancefloor edginess.

CLASSIC LABEL SAMPLER VOL IV - Various Artists (Classic 84, UK)

ISOLEE - Beau Mot plage. Heaven and Earth Re-edit (Classic 86, UK) Rajko Muller from Playhouse Records re-edited by Rob Mello and Luke Solomon. Emails to:

DJ RASOUL & MIGUEL MIGS - True Formula (Large 45, US)
Four more tracks from the on form Rasoul. This time a deep funk bass lines and sparsh snare combine on 'Summer Elements' and 'Takin' You Over'. Website at: http://www.largemusic.com/

RINOCEROSE - Machine Pour Les Oreilles (Stereophonic Elefant Dance Recordings 25, Spain) Strange but workable combination of three Spanish guitarists layering chords and rock riffs over some cool house rhythms created by Johnny Palumbo. Website at: http://www.elefant.com/
E-mail: elephant@get.es

SLICK n FLASH - Firewire EP (20:20 Vision 30, UK) http://www.20-20vision.co.uk

RANDOM FACTOR - On the Air EP (20:20 Vision 31, UK)
Four tracks written and produced by Carl A Finlow experiment with vocoded vocals, popcorn bass lines, and soft keys and, on two tracks, non house rhythms. http://www.20-20vision.co.uk to mail order any 20:20 tracks

FUTURECAINE PROJECT - Stonebushed (20:20 Vision 32, UK)
20:20 continue their excellent run of good releases with this Michael Hirst project featuring Futurecaine Crew Carl A Finlow, Paul Woodford and Tony Senghore. Dark, Detroit edged and solid. http://www.20-20vision.co.uk

FREAKS present - High Spirits (Music For Freaks 1, UK)
First release in a series of four sees Justine Harris and Luke Solomon with a dark edged dubbed out snare laden workout.
FREAKS present - Dance, Sing, Get Up, Do Your Thing (Music For Freaks 2, UK)
Second release, a definite compliment to the first, takes the hooked thread and dubs out and spanks the freak angle for all its worth. E-mail: musicforfreaks@mumbojumbo.co.uk
FREAKS present Turning Orange (Music For Freaks 1LTD, UK)
Harris, Solomon and Dave Lee Freak it out with a rolling groove of taut dubbiness charactaristic of da boys who know the score.

NATIVE ELEMENT - Brazil Minus Six (Clairaudience 106,US)
Wave Records subsiduary Clairaudience has producer Anthony Nicholson dream out a chilled Chicago groove with piano and strings whilst the remix by Francois K sparses out and echoes up along a similar theme. Taken from the forthcoming album 'Claireaudience: Songs Inspired by life and Movement'

DESCENDANTS - Light Shines Truth(Claireaudience 110, US)
The prolific Chicago producer Anthony Nicholson comes up spiritual trumps again with a Spanish and translated vocal over a wicked bass line and a guitar refrain.

LOST TYMEZZ - Everyday (Nite Grooves 101, US)
Two tracks, one with vocal one without, produced and mixed by Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson for USG. Chilled, relaxed summer sun Chicago vibes like only they know how.

THE DISCO KINGS - No Smoking (Derby St 001, UK) New Glasgow label kicks off with a three tracker from Youngson, Rennie and Hague. What you get is a languid funk bass line topped with chopped guitar and cut up crowd noises. Useful start.

PUNK ERRAND BOY - Brokenhearthearted (Derby Street 002, UK) Second release from Derby Street slaps the fat and funky bass up for a gentle disco workout. Other mixes progressively chunk it up. Keeping up the good work.

SPOOK - Feel Up (Disorient 16, UK) The 'Salt City Orchestra Wednesday Mix' rocks the floor on a really serious level. Roisin Murphys' vocal cools and tempers and incites over a rolling, chugging bass. Spooks' original mix is smoother with a more Sunday night down the pub garage edge. Recommended.

CHRIS NAZUKA - Experience (Classic 95, UK) Touch the sky with another deep slice of Chicago melancholia from the master. Stormed the tVC tent during the Lizard Eclipse.

NEXT EVIDENCE - Takin' Off EP (Straight Up 107, Fr) Maxim C and Michael T together with vocals from Mandel turner give us various mixes of two tracks. 'Life is Bitter and Sweet' is a seductive, garage swing whilst 'Who Am I' takes a more sublime dip down the philosophical tip. Big ideas on a big tune.

FREAKS presents Dance, Sing, Get Up, Do Your Thing (Music For Freaks 002, UK) Quality dancefloor mayhem (second in a series) written and produced by Justin Harris and Luke Solomon. Soulful and spiritual Chicago vibe. E-mail the boys at musicforfreaks@mumbojumbo.co.uk

PROBLEM KIDS feat STEVE EDWARDS - I Will Lead (paperrecordings 36, UK)
Hollway and Eastwick mix is a hypnotic spiral of melancholic abrasion. Not a horrible abrasion but a wierd abrasive excellence. Crazy Penis dish a more convention soulful vocal mix that lifts and energises.

JULIUS PAPP feat. ROGER GLENN - Imaginary Voyage (paperecordings 35, UK) Recorded and mixed at Moulton Street Studios, San Francisco and is, corespondingly, a chilled affair with a gentle flute freeflowing nicely over a solid summery vibe.

SILICONE SOUL - Right On For The Darkness EP (Soma 83, UK) C Morrison, G Ready, P Tagg and C Hodgkins with another superb four tracker of varying chilled out yet rocking summer grooves for the more discerning DJ.

FREESTYLE MAN feat GEORGE SPRUCE - Solid Support EP (Keys of Life 2, UK) Interesting five track EP mixed and produced by Sasse in Finland with guest Moog and a remix by Jim Tenor on two tracks. All have merit particularly the three on side b - Latin Lover and the two tenor. Email: sahko@maptel.es.

NATURAL RHYTHM - Contrast in Nature LP Part 1 & 2 (Earthtones 5 & 6, US) Ambitious two part release with two times four tracks of that tribal, funky, disco-ey, chunky Earthtones vibe. Bubbles along nicely. Check the Earthtones site out on: www.earthtonesrecords.com/ and then drop them a line: naturalrhythm@hotmail.com

PETE MOSS - All Terrain EP (Earthtones 7, US) Produced in Philly and a much more techno dubby darker harder edge to this EP. Nice strings and key stabs temper the edginess. www.earthtonesrecords.com

PETE MOSS - The Infrared EP (Earthtones 2, US)
More excellence from Pete Moss carrying on his previous Earthtones effort (see above). Chunky funky percussive patterns and high strings do the tech-house damage.

METTLE MUSIC COLLECTIVE - Heavens Gate (Toko 17, UK) More solid, epic Toko from Nic Conef, Si Brad and Mark Wadsworth. A rode hard and put up wet trumpet and a sinuous, organic live bass line funk out show the way to go.

KERRI CHANDLER - Digitalsoul Session One (Large 43, US) Jazz edged top of the night (on a deep house dancefloor anyway) stuff from Chandler. Some harder, darker edges smooth out the soul and the EP is all the better for it. Check out the Large Records website on: www.largemusic.com/

DJ SPEN - Midnight EP (Chez Music 03, US) Nice little ruff jazz groove from Basement Boy Spen that honks and dust pan and brushes those feet right onto the dancefloor. Label website at: www.chezmusic.com is worth checking out for the hell of it.

ARIJA - So Real (Befree 001, Fr?) Soulful vocal and a dubbier Jori Hukkonnen mix make this two tracker definately worth a listen. It fact it's a bit of a grower and you can hear excited murmours from the dancefloor as the picks up and grows.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Bakchich EP #4 (Basenotic Records 13, FR) Tiko, Jovann, Maz and Jiminey Cricket. Four artists, one track a piece. Just like all the other Bakchich EP's. Solid, French house with sharp cuts.