12 July 2009

Da Masions Ees No More - Sat July 1st 2000

Living in a spacious if somewhat dowdy 30's style flat in a quaintly trendy seaside town for the past 6 years has produced many a happy memory. And many a mansions nightmare. Fortunately saying goodbye to an old parqueed friend is one of the happy ones.

Ems and BK smile and smoke tabs.

And so it came to pass that a gargantuan gaggle of house meisters descended en masse to partake of the parquee and dance and talk and drink themselves stupider. To celebrate another weekend, another saturday another this another that. All variations on a theme, tried, tested, re-organised and replayed, fine tuned and mercilessly bludgeoned - depending on your state of mind.

DJ Rosie and the new love in her life A.

Chris and Terry, Gary, Shelly, Zoe, John, Shaun, Penny, Mike, Tracey, Big Kev, Macca, Laurie, Matt, Toffo, Rosie and even CJ Stone himself; all our favourite people and more provided a full house who, bless their cotton socks, partied away till the environmental health "party poop" squad turned up in the morning with an abatement notice. "We suggest you read it," they suggested. We read it. They said; "we're off to get a Magistrates warrant". We carried on partying albeit at a lower volume. It was enough to scare everyone away who was left. We'd "had a good innings" as the police and EH are wont to say. And we had.

The photo is a little deceiving as the room was virtually pitch black apart from the odd flash from the camera.

Highlights and lowlights include a very very very very very pissed up and non compis mentis Val who, after

Dover posse crack on their 5th crate of cider

The toilet walls festooned with old tVC posters and flyers.

Er, the old etc 40 degree right from above.

Ah, memories of reading the same poster every fucking time you went to the toilet linger longer than you ever dreamed possible.

Onece more unto the breach dear friends. Oh, look there's one I've never seen before. No, it's not. Damn, read it again.

Oh, piss off.

Party in fullish swing.

It is now. Note fallen backdrop.