9 July 2009

BUNKUM CORPORATION - Review: Mad Pride - Clissold Park, Hackney - Saturday 15th July, 2000

Review: Mad Pride - Clissold Park, Hackney - Saturday 15th July, 2000

yesterday went to "Mad Pride" in clissold park hackney. Very pleasing day out - loads of punks there (as chris stone pointed out) intimidating the mental health services users. (Not that the punx were intimidating - they were actually quite sweet with their heeks and dreads and piercings - just that the ere were rather a lot of them - obviously not had a good day out in the park since they banned the hackney homeless festi a few years ago)
went wiv declan and eldad and met nick jo and lilly there - eldad jo declan and i had tea (in mugs with 'Squall' written on them from their tea tent) and cake out on the grass in the afternoon. Nick was dead sweet. Declan and
I checked out a big building that we decided was a cow shed (we presumed that the cows were asleep, tucked up in blankets inside) worked out that soon a van would come to collect the cows who were going to play a set in
the second tent. Nick suggested that they might like to play some henry cow tunes. The image of 7 or 8 black and white friesians? knocing out abstact classical marxist jazz pop on oboes drum sets bass piano and guitar squished
on a tiny stage in front of a selected audience of hackney punks and mental health services users (which seemed perfectly reasonable to declan) (but then again he's not yet heard henry cow)will endeavour. I regret to report
that 'real' life will never match up to fantasy (hmm.. depending, i suppose on what ones fantasies are) but i digress spent much of the day in the excellent playground (half of it was set in a huge sandpit) playing to a soundtrack of punked up dub ska psychedelic reggae and,well punk. the last band we saw and had a little dance to were proper jolly and cheerful playing a splendid loose amalgum of originals (sample chorus:
"oh no!
it's the pigs
what a bummer
do a runner!"
and covers of punk classics ('do they owe us a living?'(i suppose that even in the wildest of fantasies i would never have envisioned building sandcastles while singing along "Course they fucking do!" - so i suppose that countermands my previous comment re. the avant-cow jazz ensemble) - a cool version of that clash song whatever it is that features the line
"turning rebellion into money" ('white man in hammersmith palais'?)
.we left (rather appropriatly) to the strains of 'babylons burning'....bye bye band
....bye bye punks...bye bye park.....and off to dinner at me mums with all my rowdy auntys and uncles (how rowdy? considerably more rowdy than the albiet rather well behaved) hackney punks.) But thats another story.

All in all a splendid day!

your correspondant

andrew b

Re:...about how long? about as loooong as it may take some time on the way

rest assured your very generous offer is already with our finance dept.
(currently in negotiation for a sub-let of matthew's soul, so might be just
the ticket - my doctor's house has many mansions, my doctor's mansion has
many rooms)

expect p.1 for your perusal some time b4 the thames spills over - hopefully
as a word attachment (?) to save me banging it all out like this




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w/c 15/05/00

This week Andrew helped a furry-eared beetle with a missing leg to fly away.
Later he ate an onion bhaji (sp.?) which was so yellow it caused him to
smile with pleasure.

Love to you all.

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