3 August 2009

A voicemail message that stunned me. A bit.

After accusing me of selling ecstasy to her 15 year old daughter on 16th December 2005 J hasn’t spoken to me since. Till yesterday that is. The 31st Jan 2006. The contact came out of the blue. A voicemail message that stunned me. A bit. She said she was going to send this email to our boss. Did I tell I worked with her at the University? No? well, I do. Much to my chagrin. Not only is she an old friend she’s an ex lover. Well, she is an ex everything now. See 16th Dec incident for more details. Ok, here’s the incident now. I’ll show it to you as the email I sent to GG, our mutual boss.

Today I got a voicemail message from J which said the following:
Transcript of message received from J P at 2.10 on Monday, 30 January 2006;
Hi P its J. Listen. I think you’d better come in. S is really upset and I’ve just read a couple of emails that have been bandied around. And I think that you are basically being extremely sarcastic and giving S a hard time. And, as I’ve said to you before, if you can come in with all your paperwork I’d like to actually sit down and talk to about the way you are actually dealing with the paperwork and also the way you are upsetting the staff in the DSU.

I’ve got this email and I understand you’ve been talking to H. If you can possibly not get involved in organising allocation or passing messages on to tutors. That’s our problem here. That’s our side to deal with. And I don’t really particular know why you’re spending so much time getting involved with the allocations side and upsetting perfectly decent members of the DSU. And I’m going to have to forward this on because S is in here in floods of tears here now. And I don’t really understand what the message is actually insinuating. So could you not upset S anymore and
I’m going to forward this onto G.

As she has said she is forwarding the email message she refers to onto you I though I would send you my own copy and explanation.

At 11 o’clock this morning, Monday, 30 January 2006, 2 learners turned up at Carrel N where I was tutoring for the day. They were JW and CJ. I was scheduled to see EC but as he had been allocated elsewhere I was expecting a new student but had not heard who. I could have been either of them. Catherine said she had been allocated Carrel P with HW; John said he had been allocated to Carrel N.

As Carrel P was occupied by another tutor and student I rang H to see if she was perhaps in another Carrel somewhere else in the library (we share carrel N on Mondays). She said she had not been notified that she had been allocated another student and was unaware that she was to see her for the first time that morning. Would I please tell the student that she will sort it out and see her next week at the same time? I rang the DSU office and spoke to S; mentioning too that J had turned up as well and asked was he my allocated student?

S sent me the following email:
Message Received: Jan 30 2006, 11:20 AMFrom: "S L" To: "P A" Cc: "J P " Subject: JWHi P,Here is a copy of my email sent 16th January
regarding JW’sreallocation.
S----- Original Message ----- From: "S L" To: "P A" Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 1:57 PMSubject: change of students> P,>> Just letting you know that EC has timetable changes as you knowso we have had to put him with another tutor. You will now have JW at the same time, date and location as you had E.>>Hope this is all okay. Please let A know on a.xxxxx@xxxx.ac.uk ifhe doesn't turn up for sessions.>> Best
wishes,>> S

I replied:
----- Original Message -----
From: pa
To: S L
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 11:55 AM
Subject: RE: JW
Thanks S,
Just met JW! Didn't receive that email you say you sent. Never mind, no harm done. I'll be over to the office when i get a bit of free time to drop my paperwork off. Thanks,

S replied:
========================================Message Received: Jan 30 2006, 12:17 PMFrom: "S L" To: xxxxx@xxxxx.
fsnet.co.ukCc: "J P " Subject: Re: JW•
I've checked my outbox and as shown on the email attached, this email definately went to your address. Perhaps there is a problem with your email provider in which case, perhaps you would be able to get a UKC account so that you know that you are receiving important information
that is sent.
Best wishes,

I replied back:
S,Ha! Ooh... I wasn't for a moment doubting your professional integrity by insinuating that you'd not sent the email :-)
I do not have any known problems with my provider. Unfortunately sometimes emails do disappear into the ether and no one knows why or where they go! I do have several accounts including a uni account (p.a.xxxx@xxxx.ac.uk ) a yahoo account (xxxxx@yahoo.co.uk ) and a wanadoo account (xxxxx@xxxx.fsnet.co.uk ). Perhaps if you sent all future email corresponance to my Uni address it may be 'safer' but any
of them would be OK? All my email addresses are routed to one account which I check daily.I've also spoken to HW regarding the student CJ. H will now be seeing her as from next monday from 10-11. She has said she will talk to you regarding carrel allocation as carrel P was occupied from 10-11 today. Anyway....
Have a nice day S!
P x

It was the above email that provoked J’s voicemail message to me.
I’m sure this is just a misunderstanding and has been blown out of proportion a bit but I do not like being accused of upsetting people and being sarcastic; especially when no harm was intended. If J and I are to discuss this matter further, would it be possible to have you present?

It’s long and complicated my story with her but I may as well try and talk about some of it here. Just to clarify things in my head a bit I think and also to expunge the feeling still swirling round my mind.God knows when I first met. She has always just seemed to be there in my life in one capacity or another. After I’d moved to Kent. It must have been in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Anyway, we discovered that we’d both been brought up in the North East within about 10 miles of each other. Our teenage years were spent at similar and the same venues and pubs around Gateshead and Newcastle. Never actually meeting each other. We were friends for 12 years plus before becoming lovers 2 years after she split with her then boyfriend RC. He now doesn’t speak to me either. I didn’t know the rule that you don’t sleep with your mates ex’s. And it was before I found out how ‘mad’ she was too…
More on this soon…