11 June 2009

T8. Oh, well; I get paid regardless

Got a 30 minute call off MDM this morning. He’s been keeping his head down this weekend. Finishing off work he started for Carol. Painting and plastering. Said he’s been working on his relationship which has been “hanging in tatters”. The guy loves her so much but finds his dichotomy in doing what she wants him do but compromising on his own life.

He rarely stays at his own place, has stopped working on his art work and feels his life is not as respected as his girlfriends. She’s a teacher but works in Dover; travels 2 hours a day as well as her work shift. She’s usual tired when she gets home and is a bit of a stay at home girl whereas MDM likes to get out, have a beer, enjoy and socialise. I really felt for him and we both just whinged on about the vagaries of love and how it’s so hard to pin down and just enjoy. Nearly told him about Jay but just mentioned that T was seeing someone we both know. The irony of the whole thing is is that Jay is DJing with us this Saturday night at the Smack.

Tort usually comes along for a drink with me but I hope she doesn’t come along with Jay playing the ‘we’re in love’ game. It would just crack me up. I know they won’t but, hey that’s what this blog is for, to express feelings, scenarios and to just play out ideas that do not necessarily happen.

My students up the uni do their usual thing of not turning up to my tutorials, as fucking usual, or even bother ringing or texting me to let me know they won’t be turning up. I know they have dyslexia but on one of the rare occasions I actually prepare a lesson for them they should bloody well come along and enjoy the effort I’ve put in for them. Oh, well; I get paid regardless.

Going to see 13 at the cinema tonight. Might just be what I need; get out the house and do something. Mainly gripe and whinge but hey, that’s what your friends are for are they not? Got some nice fish to cook beforehand and some haricot beans and salad. Keep eating healthy. Keep thinking…