6 June 2009

they did turn up later; after their massive tequila session

So anyway, I arrive at work today and the learner complaint issue is at the forefront of the agenda. the centre staff duly oblige with all the goss. D, who made the 'complaint' mentioned to one of the staff that she thought 'we weren't progressing' with our learning programme as well as she thought she would be. 

It fact she's as slow as fuck and hasn't really entered into the spirit of the 'learning agreement' in that as the learner you're supposed to do a bit of fucking work. With D I'd leave her something to do, go back to help my other learners and go back and she'd be sitting there staring at the screen having done absolutely bugger all. Duh! Do some bloody work! I'd explain it all over again for the poor dear etc carry this on for week after week and you can see why to teach basic skills you gotta have the patience of a fucking saint.

Transpires that a certain Josie was sitting opposite. She has also applied for the managers job that I have. Decided to enquire about where to complain about a tutor's attitude. Her best friend S (they're middle aged women for fucks sakes; what's all this best friend shit?) is also applying for the job. Might as well withdraw from all that shit. It does my head in. a bit.

Had a meeting with GG this morning in my dyslexia support job at Canterbury university. We chatted for a bit about the new paperwork and the importance of getting it in on time blah blah blah. We briefly mentioned JP but both skipped over it. I mentioned her somewhat 'unusual approach' to management which GG agreed and he said if I had anymore 'things I wanted to mention about J's behaviour' would I let him know as soon as possible? Of course I will, I said. And that was it. Saw the Lovely H when I got back to my office and said to her that I'd considered her advice (to leave! Resign! J wants you out!) and decided not to leave my lovely cushy little University job after all. So there.

SJC stayed at mine over the w/e. Introduced her to some of the Whitstable lot that I know and consider friends. She handled them all really well. MDM took a shine to her (said he could really go for her) as did FFJ, who asked her for her phone number, which she politely refused to give. Even the lovely H said she'd bumped into her and found her 'nice and friendly'.

Mike SU was our DJ guest on Saturday gone and he'd spent a fortune on new tunes and he had the dancefloor buzzing away all night. This freed me up to chat and chat and chat. SJC complained a bit that I was ignoring her but I wasn't at all. I was keeping a canny eye on her and as she's a natural socialite she handled all the Whitstable nutters extremely well.

So, got the rig back after its rehabilitation, repair and refurbishment. £500 later, thanks MDM for that £200; much appreciated! I plugged her in, set her up and we were off. sounding as lovely as ever, the Community powered top boxes sang their sweet song; it was really nice to get them back.

The ex turned up at some point to tell me how pissed J&E were at the Neppy. 'I'll be seeing them later as they said they were coming along to the smack'. 'No you won't' she said sniffily 'they are far too pissed'. She left 'to go 'back to the Neppy'. Bye! Sure enough they did turn up later; after their massive tequila session and yes they did come back to M&M's for a bit of a sesh and a mix and a chat as did SJC who everyone continued to love.

On Sunday we went to pick the kit up from the pub and decided to stay for lunch which was very nice. The lunches here are a local legend and are very generous if a tad traditional. The ex turned up again later in the afternoon after we were a bit pissed and had had our food(this is starting to get ridiculous! There are literally 100's of pubs in Kent and of all the gin joints in all the world she had to choose mine). She came in with D, a local 'character' with a pony tail and a cowboy hat; why, I do not know. If that's the best she can do for a lunch mate then I feel really sorry for her. This guy is one the towns biggest sex pests and tries it on with any female with a pulse that come within 1 metre of him. All the women moan about him. Poor show old T. She was in her usually over the fucking top 'hiya' mode; all smiles and deadly intonation. Real false as fuck! I hate it. Luckily we had finished our food and drink and I said to SJC 'let's shoot'. T is increasingly making me feel uncomfortable in my own fucking town. She is everywhere I go. Always hanging around the Whitstable scene and with my friends (those who can tolerate her company). She's so bland and evil that it's super scary. She's so straight yet used to be a speed freak. She hates her shit paper pushing job and likes 'to let her hair down' at weekends and 'take drugs'. Ooh. How radical. She's off her tits on a few pints and half a pill. Bless her though! I do have a soft spot for her as we both went through the old 'what do we do now our 17 year relationship has ended'? I'll never forgive her though for the way she treated me when we were lovers or the way I percieve that she used me then dumped me. Not nice. She says 'lets be friends' but the extent of our friendship at the moment goes to me sending her one email every week on a Monday to which she duly replies some inanity and the farce continues. All my friends have said that this 'let's be friends' thing just doesn't work with ex lovers and I'm beginning to see why they are so fucking right. Aaargh! Leave me alone.