20 June 2009

T16. Or are they stronger than we are?

So, got a call off Katrina yesterday whilst I was on Whitstable beach having a ‘meeting’with Nick Dent from the local ‘Stop the War’ coalition. We were having a couple of pints and watching the sunset. A brave 5/10 effort; too cloudy! Still real nice to be out there on such a pleasant evening. 'Stop The War' are organising a festival in Dane John Gardens in Canterbury on 17th June and want us to provide a marquee, some DJ’s and run a little cafĂ© in order to raise funds or consciousness about how naughty the war in Iraq really is.

Well, it’s fucked Tony Blair’s career hasn’t it? 108 dead British soldiers to date too! So, Katrina’s going “are you in a pub? It sounds really noisy!”. “No, no”, I assured her, “I’m in a meeting!” Which I was. “Two things”, she said. “One…” then started babbling on about her TV and speakers and how it made her screen go funny and would it interfere with her DVD player? I suggested she move the speakers six feet apart and no, it wouldn’t interfere with her DVD. “Two! Where did you get that tin opener you gave me as a house warming present? My sister loves it and wants to buy one”. So I told her that it was from a hardware shop near to the Cathedral gate in Canterbury. She was chuffed. I was chuffed.

And she signed off “see you soon!” Get in! Back of the net!

Went to see The Proposition with Tort on Monday night at UKC. A pint and film for a fiver. She’s very squeamish where violent films are concerned but I’d taken her to see Kill Bill when that came out and I’d told her it was the most violent film ever made but she lapped it up describing the violence as cartoony and fun. “You are my violent film partner”, she said. The Proposition was violent, visceral and dusty. She loved it. A nice night. And she grabbed my arm on several occasions during the film. "It's the horror/creepy film violence I don't like", she says. The western making another comeback?

Having a meal, a curry, with B last night he described Tort as the sort of person who is just out for what she can get and as being selfish in that respect. Yeah, she is. A bit. But she’s only looking out for herself and has developed a defence mechanism that doesn’t really allow herself to be touched by emotions. Heaven forbid. That makes it a bit awkward for human beings like us to connect on a deeper level to these people with mild ‘sociopathic’ tendencies. Ah, bless them. They are afraid of being hurt but what they don’t realise is that being hurt is such an important part of being alive that I think they are missing out on things a bit. Or are they stronger than we are? Is being hurt such a bad thing? Is coping with this hurt the actual experience that strengthens you and you then moving on; is that the thing that actually makes you stronger? Not allowing yourself to be hurt anymore is where you can fall over because you are denying yourself a feeling life experience.

Christmas Chris is being a total 'fuckwit' at the moment towards me. I'm expecting him round my house any day now to give me a beating with his bicycle seat! He beat up some guy who fucked Terry one year and put him in hospital. Only it wasn't the guy who had fucked her it was the girl. Sasha Bishop; now a full on traveller junkie. He's been ringing me up and sending me hate texts. Here's his latest one "tvc. deep house for shallow people? tvc est mort! Right!" Kinda funny really. May use it on our next flyer. Sorta knew what Terry had to put with all along anyway mate. The poor thing. She should have left him 5 years ago! Or more? He was particularly miffed about me taking Terry up london on NYE and out on a day trip when we were in france a few years back. "You ain't ever gonna get anywhere with her" he said. Whatever that means? Maybe that I won't be fucking her perhaps? "Don't want to" I said. "She's a mate!". Which seemed to make him more agitated. He also said some horrid things about me and Nicky and how she needed love and I didn't give it to her and how she went looking for it elsewhere. Which is probably true. Good job I'm so shallow otherwise I may have been offended ;-)

Chris has been trying to have another go at blaming me. This time it's because I purportedly "sold drugs and put on parties that enabled" Terry to do her thing. What? Express her unhappiness at being with him? What a twat. I tell you I'm finished with that guy. He's looking for someone to blame and never ever looks at himself. I had to blow out lunch with Louis and Josephine yesterday because he would be there and I can't be fucked with his shit anymore. How did Terry put up with that for so long?

Anyway, gossip from last w/e... Jenny and Charles got back together. Maybe just for the w/e. Who knows? She was a bit shellshocked from the Conrad shit and I think she just needed something familiar to rest on. Conrad has now gone back to Nottingham with his tail between his wife beating legs. She was on great form anyway and it was good to see her recovering so well. Naughty Nicky Nursey kept saying "Who wants children; coz i do!" I offered to be a sperm donor for her but she would have to come to the toilets of the Neptune with me NOW! Funnily enough she never mentioned it anymore after that. To me anyway.

Finally saw Sarah again on Wednesday night. The first time in nearly four weeks. She was late. We watched a bit of TV and then fucked. After we had finished and I'm panting on the bed, knackered, she says "I could sit you on the edge of the bed and start that all again". She's insatiable. She could fuck for England and suck my cock for hours on end. I could have a kip for a bit, wake up, and she's still going with her deep breathing, deep throat thing. Not that I'm complaining mind you but there's more to life than sex...