19 June 2009

T15. Dan was pissed

So, at Jenny Pitt’s house warming party on Saturday Rosie was very upset about the news that her ex, Dan, had slept with my ex, Tort after one of the Smack nights in Whitstable in January; a month after they had split up. This coming after T had given me a lecture about sleeping with your best friend’s ex and how wrong it was! The rule is that if you want your best pal to remain your best pal don’t sleep with their ex.

I’ve been emailing T to try and get her to talk about it but she is totally blanking me out at the moment. Apparently she told Rosie that she was on E at the time. Like that’s a good excuse? She had actually been out with me that night and we’d gone to the Smack and then down to Dukes for a bit of a boogie and came back to the Smack for last orders. It must have been then that she picked Dan up. Predatory? Perhaps?

Dan was pissed and had apparently blabbed about his encounter, only last week, to Aurelia who then promptly told Rosie; pumped her full of white wine and then had brought her down town to JP’s party. They had been split up but only the month previously. Ironically, Rosie had cancelled her planned wedding with Dan because he’d been having a dirty text exchange with Aurelia. The end was always on the cards after that.

T, who had always taken the moral high ground with me, was crumbling before my eyes. Her carefully constructed world falling around her ears. What with me, Timo, Dan, Terry and now Jay she was methodically working her way through the men in our little social circle leaving trails and broken hearts on the way. That’s why I used to love the picture of the iceberg she used to have on her bedroom wall.

Now, if that’s what you can see above the water…