17 June 2009

Lizard Festival intro

Lizard Festival
Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall
August 7th - 14th August 1999


There was a young(ish) sound system
Who thought,in their infinate wystem
"It would be a good laff
to set up a caff"
So they did and it was and I missed 'em!
; )


We are a vegetarian cafe run by a non-profit making communal group that tries to use organic, wholefood ingredients wherever possible.

We draw on no particular ethnic influences, but rather are inspired by great food from around the world, with the emphasis on fresh home made dishes.

The café is organized on a buffet basis, with the day being split into three shifts, breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Breakfast, for example, would include home made baked beans, veggie sausages, mushrooms, etc as well as a variety of cereals, fresh fruit, juices, home made organic vegan cakes, bread rolls, croissants all available on a fill your plate for a set fee basis. In this way the customer is free to choose from at least 20 different dishes what they wish to eat.

Lunch would follow the same sort of process, but would include a wide variety of salads, nuts, baked potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, home made hummous, falafels, some middle eastern dishes, curries from both India and South East Asia, fresh chapattis, fresh fruit, home made cakes, Mexican food etc. The evening meal would follow the same path with different dishes. Basically there would always be new dishes being made, with a huge variety of choice.

We operated this sort of system at The Lizard where it worked very successfully and we had enormous feedback off of people saying how nice it was to be able to pick just what they wanted to eat, with wholesome natural ingredients, reasonably priced too.