5 June 2009

What is a man supposed to do?

Walking into the pub she’s already arrived and has a drink in front of her on the table. 

MTV blares in the background and large group of noisy builders are busy celebrating Friday in the far corner. I wait ages to get served. Finally I get to sit down on the long bench next to her. A blue hyacinth scents the air.



There’s an uncomfortable air. We both know why we’re there. She’s decided the relationship is not working and has come to put me out of my misery. We both know things haven’t worked out. We both had a go at it for over a year but we just didn’t gel. We were hardly on the same wavelength half the time. We found it difficult to talk. Sometimes things just don’t work out I tell myself but if the truth be known she irritated me most of the time and I did her too. 

Two lonely people fresh out of 17 year relationships and so green behind our dating ears we were like a couple of awkward adolescents. We barely knew our own, being single, personality before we jump into something neither of us has really thought through. Now it was time to do the decent thing and free each other from this torment. I’d nearly finished the pint in a series of quick, nervous gulps before we started to talk, we’d spent that long sitting there in embarrassed silence avoiding eye contact.

She began. Then I said something. Then she did. We talked for a while then we moved to another pub on the seafront and talked some more.

We walked back to the car park where our cars were and hugged. She said her car was over there and I said mines here. What are you going to do I said. I think it’s for the best she replied and was gone out of my inner life forever.