26 May 2009

sneak round the back and get in for free

Now then. How’s Steve today? Hope you’re feeling OK. Whatever happens Steve you’re a survivor and I know you’ll get through this, come out at the other end, and be a stronger person for it. I know it’s a cliché but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s that scouse gene! It’ll survive everything!

Talking to people out and about there is a lot of support for you from your friends and even club acquaintances. Everyone is on your side and sees the injustice you must bear. There are greetings from the DJ’s Jes and Timo, Shaun, Rosie and Richie, Polly and Sarah, the Fav gals, Margate John and Jane, Gary and Shelly and countless others. Everyone knows of your plight and I thought I’d put something (i.e. your address) on the tVC website to encourage more people to write to you. I hope it works.

Anyway, to continue from letter 02 here’s a few reply’s from the message board about Neroy getting beat by bouncers at TA’s Clublife. Nero and me were remembering TA’s parties up on the hill in that fuck off detached house in Bredhurst. About how we used to sneak round the back and get in for free and, later on in the morning, ‘take over,’ as they said, and stay there all day getting wasted and about how she banned us from these parties and didn’t speak to us for years and Chris Stone wrote an article in the Guardian on one of her ‘soulless’ powder parties which we reprinted in Tangentopoli and she thought we’d wrote it and didn’t speak to us even more. We kept telling her it was in the Guardian and 400,000 people had read it.

Anyway, here’s the message board regarding naughty punchy bouncers……… Becky- I have been going to Clublife since it opened and have never had a problem, with security or the bar staff. Even when I worked on the door one night I found them to be both professional and courteous. Don’t really see what your problem is.... unless of course you were causing trouble. Then of course they were only doing what they are paid for. NYE was one of the best nights that I have had there. It is somewhere I recommend that all fellow clubbers go, at least once in their lifetime! Just to follow up on that , would like to know how you feel about the first aid nurse being held in a head lock by a young idiot. While attempting to calm him down?! The bouncers did a grand job! That nurse by the way was me.

Paul in reply- Listen Becky, I can appreciate what you are saying. I'm 41 years old and have been clubbing in form or another all around the UK since I was 17 and I have never seen a bouncer behave so irresponsibly in my life; and that is attending and promoting house parties from Newcastle to Bristol and London. I'm no exaggerator. I have witnessed bad bouncer behaviour and I know they can be sometimes a bit over the top. It is after all a very stressful job. I agree with what you say about the professionalism of the Clublife door staff. I always thought of them as firm but fair and had never seen them behave in so unrestrained a manner before NYE. The sad truth is that despite all their previous good marks on NYE they behaved abominably towards those two women in front of a dozen witnesses. The women were not physically violent in any way towards anyone and the aggression Bobby displayed was totally unwarranted. Charges are being brought against the security staff and I hope the Law can sort out this matter properly (I very much doubt it though). I too have been to Clublife a lot and had some terrific nights out and met some great new people (including members of staff) and have never had a problem with any security or any of the bar staff ever. Till NYE. I have also worked with TA and Johnny on and off for nearly 10 years. I think they are lovely people who just want to run the best club they can. I would never wantonly do anything to harm them. The Splendid parties down there have been some of the bets nights I have ever had out clubbing. But, unfortunately, on NYE 3 people were assaulted in the back room at 5.30am. I have tried ring TA 3 times to talk to her regarding this serious matter. She rang back on the second around 10.30am and said she had just got up and could she ring back later. When she rang back later she asked if she could ring back later as she had guests. We said OK. It is now the 4th of Jan and despite another call from us she has still not rang back. Why do you think that is? Some questions need to be answered and at the very least she should be enquiring about the health of the victims.

John- You completely fail to mention the fact that you were repeatedly warned though out the evening about behaviour and openly using drugs and you repeatedly ignored the warnings you were given. You were aggressive towards the door staff in your attitude and generally rude to people.

Unknown- Better update your Cabbaged flyer on your hyperlink to splendid, says on there about getting drunk & telling bouncers to fuck off. Tells everyone exactly what you are like. Shot in the foot maybe?

Shaun- You really are a twat!

Freind- taking drugs? On NYE? At a club? Hangings too good for them. Ok, if I were to take drugs in front of a bouncer in the majority of clubs I attend, I would imagine that the bouncer would a) confiscate said drugs, and give me a scary warning, b) confiscate the drugs and throw me out, or c) just throw me out/ask me to leave. If I were hosting an evening of music in a room of a club, and a bouncer asked me to clear out the room at the end of a night, I would expect the bouncer to understand that crew and associates of the sound system would be required to remain present until the rig could be removed. Also, if the rig couldn’t go anywhere in the meantime, i would hope that there would be no reason for the music to be turned off - what would be the point after all, in stopping a limited number of people enjoy themselves? More importantly, if I were hosting a £40 alcohol binge night, I would make pains to provide some form of coach service to and from the club, as it is ludicrous to assume that everyone leaving the club is going to be sober and fit to drive. Fundamentally, everyone involved is probably guilty of some degree of irresponsibility, none more so than the bouncers who so blatantly overreacted to an alcohol fuelled situation. I say, everybody can be mates again... hopefully. ps alcohol causes far more deaths, divorces, road accidents, injuries, violent acts, dementia, and indeed impairs judgement to a far greater degree than just about any other drug i can think of...

Forgot to mention my personal experience with the Lydd staff. I have always found them to be offensively natured, aggressive, standoffish and unhelpful. I believe they feel it is their job to make sure you feel watched. They belong to the dark side. At the end of a night, after the last tune has been played, before you get that ringing in your ears, you are sure to hear, "everybody out! Could you start making your way, P L E A S E!" in the manner that bouncers think comes across as 'reely ard an sarkastshtik', but in fact, they are just putting a downer on your evening, lessening the likelihood of you ever coming back, and thus, arseholing themselves out of their own jobs. Their searches are extreme - how anyone can get drugs in such a place, without the bouncers knowing in advance, is beyond me.

A person- Sorry but you are taking this right out of context. In all the times I've been to Clublife I have never felt threatened or intimidated by the bouncers and never have I seen the staff to be rude or offhand with me. Why not try and hide your stash in a better place. And in reply to your query about the lack of transport. Sort something out for Christ’s sake, what do you want? The moon on a stick?

Sane person- What are you like?

Insane person- soft and bruise easily

Paul- (reply to John), On the contrary no one (that I have talked to) from tVC was 'repeatedly warned though out the evening about behaviour and openly using drugs'. Who were these warnings given to? By whom? What behaviour are you specifically referring to? What do mean by 'openly' taking drugs. All drugs taken are taken surreptitiously as they are in all night clubs. I think you are misinformed here or are exaggerating.

(Reply to dear unknown,) tVC are not violent people. We are peace-loving people who abhor violence. The link was meant to be 'ironic' - I will remove it as you find it offensive). In the 15 years we have promoted parties we have never had an incident of violence with anyone, particularly a 'colleague', which Bobby was that night. Remember we were working to. We were on the payroll. We were staff that night just like everyone else who was working there. We were not some surly pissed punter refusing to leave at the end of the night. dear 'a friend' I agree that 'everyone can be friends again' but people have to talk to each other first, acknowledge the problem, them resolve it in the best way for both parties. TA? Bobby? Ring tVC please we need to talk.

Nero - A general reply. We were not told repeatedly through the night to stop misbehaving, nor were we taking drugs openly all night. If we were surely we would have been thrown out by the bouncers there and then. Why have the bouncers not cited this as a reason for throwing us out? I was not being aggressive in the slightest. We switched the music off at 5.30 as soon as we were asked to do so by the bouncers. Then all of us sat quietly round the table talking amongst ourselves waiting to move the equipment. Bobby was being most aggressive from the off and insisted we get out of the room, despite me saying we were all waiting to clear the equipment up and carry it out to the van so we could leave.

You must understand that it takes more than one person to pack up and carry all that equipment. That wasn't enough though and I don't see why it seems to be considered perfectly acceptable behaviour for three people to be assaulted and slandered because some bouncer has momentarily lost it. Answering someone back is not being violent however you may like to twist it. At no point did we refuse to turn the music off or did I chuck a bottle at him. I am a peaceful person, who although may get a bit mouthy on occasion totally abhors all forms of physical violence.

Spaceman- Sorry to hear about the nasty ending with the TVC crew - NYE, as I have said in an earlier note my partner and I had a fantastic time. I cannot comment on what may or may not have happened as we left before any of this took place, what I would like to say is that security staff are there to protect us from anybody who thinks it might be clever to start acting in a nasty and aggressive way, which I think on the whole do a good job, however I did notice a more hardened stance from the security staff that night, but then they did have to look out for a large number of drunk people, which if I was in their position would be on edge as well.

Shaun- I like you! top man!

Unknown- You tVC guys need to chill out! Talk about over reacting, most students find it difficult to write an essay but it seems your very competent. Maybe you should go back to college and do something more useful with your time. Ok so TA hasn't spoken to you, if you are pressing charges then she has every right to remain silent.

Unknown reply- You twat!

Punter- TVC have every right to be annoyed the way they were treated is disgusting, it’s meant to be party after all. If I wanted to watch wrestling I'll get Sky television thanks! Certainly would not expect this on new years eve/ day. Fair enough some of security are OK Louise I think her name is cool, but some of the blokes need to calm down a bit. At the end of the day we're going for a night out and TVC provide a good show. I hope we see them again but wouldn’t be surprised if this is the way they get treated. Its shame you treat people in this fashion...

Penny- Clublife do a very professional job. The staff is friendly and efficient. Organising an event like NYE takes months and hats off to TA and the crew. Bouncers are a necessary part of any club and are used to telling people what to do. Sometimes they cop the brunt. TVC are a collective whos heart, I think, is in organising free parties, which are by their very nature self-regulating. We’re not used to being told what to do, especially in such a manner and on NYE Neroi copped the brunt! I'm writing really to say let's not forget that Partying is what we All love and where our common ground lies. Happy New Year and love to ALL of you and....Roll on the summer!! X

Paul- Thanks for everyone's comments. It would be nice to hear from the club (bobby or TA or Johnny on this, either via this board or by phone). tVC would like to talk about this and hopefully sort things out. Nero feels that she is being tarred with the violence brush and if she drops it then she is saying she is guilty - which she is not!

Rosie- As a punter plus a DJ playing for the tVC and the new years eve collective, having been with tVC for over 5 years now, the treatment that has been dealt to us since we have been to Lydd has been once surprising and on NYE totally disgusting. I having played at Lydd for a few Months now and have been aware of a few discrepancies, when the music was turned off and I heard the bouncers telling us that the music had to be turned off, the music went off. To my memory, the music went off, then we questioned that the music was being turned off before the time advertised 6am, this was received with what appeared to be an aggressive reply from a bouncer, he said if you swear once more you will be thrown out, to which surprise was expressed by which Neroy and others then Neroy was then taken roughly from the club and to outside and then man-handled. As the divide from the main room and the back room was made, we packed the equipment as shocked and as quickly as we could. This was NYE after all, there was no violence apart from what happened to Neroy, there was NO bottle throwing there was NO violence only that there was surprise at the room was being turned off before the designated time. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR BAD BEHAVIOUR from those such as the people that had befriended us and people that are supposed to give you security. I only hope that the people that have added to this message board actually do KNOW what happened that night and are NOT JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON. I hope this does get sorted out and the main people concerned are dealt with the proper way and that this is NOT repeated again.

Unknown- yes

Uknown- i have known tVC for many years and believe they can be very violent and for everyone’s information it was both the bouncers and tVC, i.e. Neroy that was in the wrong!!! All the times i have been to Clublife, no matter what night it has been the bar staff and door staff have always been fine and just doing their job. So in all what ever you do don’t blame TA, none of it was her fault! P.S. it wasn’t only alcohol that was inclusive it was all-inclusive.

Unknown2- At what stage does it becomes your fault for being assaulted? Does the "she was asking for it" argument carry much weight in your small tiny mind? Does it apply to any other areas of your life? Where in Bobby’s job description does it say that foul language is just cause for physically assaulting a fellow co-worker, or anyone else for that matter?

Yawn- boring boring boring

?- Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me! Bobby will hurt you when he throws you across the car park. Can Bobby read? Does he understand words even? Words there never gonna hurt him are they

Yawn- yawn

Dave- no wait, they where obviously educated as far as nursery school.

Paul- The entry from 'uknown' has said 'I have known tVC for many years and believe they can be very violent' I feel that I have to refute this 'flame' from someone who claims to know us but refuses to identify themselves. tVC are not violent and are refusing to be tarred with this brush. The tactics of the entries on this board seem to be that of false accusation in order to vindicate violent behaviour by others. (‘Oh well they are violent anyway so Bobby was justified in being violent to them’). This is wrong. I would like this person uknown to justify this comment either by outlining their evidence or contacting us at tvc@www.com or withdraw it.

Unknown- Would you please give us all a break! We are all bored rigid now of this incessant going on about NYE. Look we all appreciate what you must be going through but PLEASE sort it out amongst yourselves and stop involving everyone! My new years resolution was not to get involved in other peoples crapp and yet every time I visit this site there you are STILL going on about it, c'mon you know you have it in you to resolve this amicably and peacefully, without dragging us into it. I have remained anonymous because I don’t want to talk to you about this as I have better things to do. Will your reply to this be equally as rude as some of those you have posted on the previous messages? (Probably!)

Take care Steve and I’ll speak to you soon.