24 May 2009

“it may be time to get an appliance”

So, down the East Kent him and Nick are, as usual, having a right old time with each other until I go and sit between them. They both shut up. “What you talking about?” I ask.

“Nothing”, they both reply simultaneously.

Now, since we went out Thursday, 7th Heaven and Friday to Organic (where I DJ’ed with Timo and Shaun and later we went back to Shaun and Penny’s and chatted, drank tea and played some tunes and where Shaun gave me one of his sex toy catalogues and where Timo said “it may be time to get an appliance” – I kid ye not). On Saturday we went to Deal, Sunday the EK, Monday, Woodpeckers till we finally get to the present, now, down the EK he’d been well hogging her time. At her side constantly and no one could get near her really; especially me.

I’m talking about Thurday at the club, back at Pollys (I didn’t go but she said “oh, I’ll just take the money up for the van and give it to Rosie. I’ll only be 5 minutes and I’ll be straight back down because I want to be with you!” Only she didn’t come back down but stayed up all night and left me to sleep on my own.

Friday night down the pub she did talk to me a little bit but it was forced and I said “come home with me” and she said “no” and we had an argument in the street.

I’d had enough. Let’s say I fucked him off. Conrad wanted to punch him all weekend. “that’s how we’d sort it out in Lincoln” he said. But we’re not in Lincoln are we? Louie said he’d back me up if he kicked off but he didn’t. He just shouted and said “Oh, big daddy Oz has decreed it then has he…?” all patronising like. That’s why everyone was pissed off at me for ruining the vibe, maaan, and how it breaks the party people etiquette of don’t air your dirty linen in public. So called radicals, liberals’ anarchists, whatever they call themselves appearing more
conservative and more attached to middle class values than the MC conservatives they purport to despise. Sheesh!