30 April 2009

doesn’t want to end up like She-Ra

Later, Nero and I got a few bottles of wine and had one with our meal that we’d cooked together then got a lift up to ‘The Tank’ with ‘The Lovely’ where we had a drink with Chris and Terry, Scouse Steve, a subdued Linda and Ed Millard who reminded me that there is a party on at The Woodpeckers this bank holiday Monday and could I quickly knock up a flyer, print it out and distribute it so that loads of people will turn up.(Sure).

“What do you want to do now?” I ask Nero near the end of the session and above Chris’s latest monotonous monologue. “Whatever”, she unenthusiasticallyresponds. The Frisbee game in the fading light obviously failed to ignite her party fuse so I got a few frozen almond Stoli Voddys and a lager chaser in but even these stubbornly refuse to kick hold.

Back at HQ Nero got some more lagers in which Lauraand I drank whilst Nero went to bed early so she could get up for work on time because she has to do one Saturday in three.

Laura talked in a relaxed manner whilst I skinned up. We both got drunk trying to forget the bitchiness of Polly’s phone reply earlier which I won’t bother telling you about because it was real low and Pollyesque.

Later Nero told me she wasn’t subdued in the pub she was ‘behaving herself’ and ‘actually quietly enjoying’ herself.

So there.

She said she doesn’t want to end up like She-Ra when she’s 45 she says.