24 February 2009


Ask yourself - Why you are here?
Ask yourself - Why you dance.
Ask yourself - How wealthy you are
Ask yourself - What true wealth means to you.
Ask yourself - What makes you happy and how can you obtain it.
Ask yourself - How you can share that wealth with the world.
Ask yourself - Whether you are being honest with yourself and your friends.
Ask yourself - Whether you will be comfortable with the choices you make today later in your life.
Ask yourself - Why you go to these gatherings.
Ask yourself - What do these gatherings do for you.
Ask yourself - What message is the DJ sending with his music.
Ask yourself - Whether you trust yourself.
Ask yourself - Whether that trust should be given away blindly to every person, promoter, or event that comes along.
Ask yourself - Whether you know a promoter, why she/he is doing a party, and what their track record is.
Ask yourself - Whether you are receiving value and where your money goes. Is a promoter taking more than he is giving?
Ask yourself - Whether promoters help those who cannot afford the full ticket price - and why they wouldn't.
Ask yourself - Whether you are asking more of others than you are prepared to do yourself.
Ask yourself - How YOU can help your scene to grow and flourish - as well as contribute to the success of events you attend.
Ask yourself - Whether you need rest, nourishment or water.
Ask yourself - Whether healthy stuff is available should you need it.
Ask yourself - Whether water is readily available. Demand it if it isn't. Ask yourself - If you would like to share it.
Ask yourself - What your reasons are for (not)doing the drugs you do.
Ask yourself - Whether you know exactly what you are ingesting and what it does to your body.
Ask yourself - What the motives are behind information that comes your way.
Ask yourself - If you need time alone to find your truth.
Ask yourself - If you want to share that truth with others who are willing to listen.
Ask yourself - How your lifestyle impacts our planet - live accordingly.
Ask yourself - Why positive energy attracts positive energy.
Ask yourself - Because ultimately the answers come from within.