9 February 2010

emma DiY

7th HEAVEN - EMMA - Thursday 10th November 1994

Last of the month long specials (for now, anyway) sees Emma guesting. "Rushed off her feet" and "working constantly", this top female DJ gives tVC a few hours off her hectic, hard-working schedule to entertain, yet another capacity crowd of clued up clubbers, with a set of pure perfection.One, usually cynical, 7th Heavener, said she was "the best DJ we've ever had down here".Praise indeed. And well deserved.DJ Josie, opened up what was to be yet another classic night. Practising hard and long, and advancing rapidly, Josie plods the slow moving tVC DJ treadmill with great patience. Starting off on the pub gig circuit, advancing to free parties, she broke her club virginity with a soulful set of beautiful house You can tell she's on her way up because she now has her own 'record box carrier' called Steve. Aah, aint that nice.Nick, now confident enough (at last) to vacate her permanent occupation of the 9 - 10 slot moves up to 10 - 11. A big jump for her, but one she handled well. Her uplifting US meanderings tickling the spot. At this rate she'll be headlining by Christmas 95. (2095 that is! Only joking Nick)Martyn, 'the paper shop's open' Ramsden, top tVC sound bod (who'll work for anyone for a price) done his soundly duties soundly and dutifully, producing a 90 minute masterpiece (wot no feedback?) of Emmas deep groove, techno tinged 2 hour set. well done, MATE, look forward to receiving a copy of it some time during December 1995. (Let's just say that Martyn copies tapes 'in his own time' Of course I'm only joking. A tape fell into my grubby palm not two days later.)Keeping the floor packed, their bodies rocking, and a fuck off grin on their boats were the following guilty people :-Various bods from Crow, Kent's premiere Psychedelic groove merchants, Mr. and Mrs. E themselves dancing delectably and winning sexiest dancers of the night award, Polly and Sandals, psychedelic Walt, Tejen falling flat on his face on the dancefloor in front of our guest whilst trying a particularly adventurous dance movement, Dancing Queen Dawneo herself, seizing back control of the dancing platform at the front of the stage, Queen Shroom and her fairy princess Pam, John, fresh from experiencing the magical powers of visualisation a la Pam, computer Gazzer, Trudi and Debbie, wide eyed Toby, looking, well, wide-eyed, Aaron exercising his already well developed chin muscles while drinking a pint of milk, Bud lurking by the bar area, and a whole host of other lovely, wobbly smiling chums. Thank you, we love you all. And it was only a Thursday!