18 February 2009

enter the singularity

The flashbulbs were popping, the dancefloor was dancing.

TV Cabbaged at The Smack, Whitstable - Sat 14th Feb 2009

DJ's: Warren, Oz, Simon "full fat" Bounds.

Having just spent time in hospital having my retinal detachment operated on I'm not in much of a mood for partying what with a blurred, bloodshot eye with a chryo gas bubble in it, drained fluid, and a buckle on to keep it all together. But, you know, you got to make an effort somewhat and by the time I'd had a few beers it was business as usual. Ish. But, it's really good that Rosie has decided to return to the DJing front; except she hasn't. Yet. I just texted her and we got her booked for the 14th of March not February. A typical example of the louche nature of the tVC world domination strategy. Yeah, that's going to be next month. She's been 'semi-retired' for a while so it'll be really good to have her back up there behind the decks. So, I'm there supporting her all the way. Next month. Doh! Gonna bring Warren forward. I text him and he says he'd love to; if he's in town. It's a nice surprise to see him humping his massive bag into the pub later on. Phew; we got DJ's!

Only one more whinge and I'll get on with the review. I also had to cancel a planned trip next week to Venice with Clare as I can't fly with a bubble in my eye. Still got to pay for it; but can't fly or my eye will explode. Which is a killer for me. She's still going. It's a trip with her fellow trainee teachers anyway so wasn't really going to be the romantic contretemps I would have liked. I got a text from her (this is later in the week as I'm writing this) saying she'd just eaten a really NICE pizza. Ah, Venice, the place where lovers should be...

Brummy Jon has been round my house fixing the driver in the new bass bin. I won't go into what happened to the old one but suffice to say it was stolen by someone I trusted and now I don't trust them anymore. A sad but inevitable consequence of the dance scene is that it's full of dodgy characters who seem superficially charming and trustworthy but who turn out not to be so. Jon said he'd called this guy up and he'd been told he was 'holding the speaker hostage'. Whatever that means. The dance music scene is also, to balance that grossly stereotypical statement out, full of some of the most gorgeous, lovely people who I've ever met in my life and I am still firm and close friends with dozens of them even after 20 years of abusing them. So, you never know do you?

The weekend begins with a night out watching some comedy gold in the form of David O'Doherty and his ‘very low-energy musical whimsy’. This talented bastard rocked our world – in quite a gentle way. I sat in the front row with a eye patch on as I'd just got back from hospital and I could see him glancing at me but not once did he say anything or use me in any of his material. The 2 people either side of me; yes, but me; no. Thanks for that David.

Anyway, down the pub and the new speaker is up and running and it's sounding great. Well done Jon for sticking at it even as I was turning the lights out! People start arriving and it's great. The beer is flowing and it's great. Me and Simon crack out a few each; records that is. And it's great. I just wanted to give my new tunes an airing and they seem to go down well. Simon continues to develop his skills and even slopes off around 10ish to play the warm up at Delicious just down the road. The Delicious guys give us passes so the tVC lot can get into their gig for £3; although I just walked in the door without paying; hiding in between the words and confusion of smokers and drunks and bouncer banter. I don't think they noticed. I'm a pro you see.

Warren is of course a superstar and behaves and plays accordingly, cracking out the bullets to an eager crown filled with the Whitstable glitterati. Well, a couple of women have glitter on their face, the rest glow in their own loveliness. Nice to see Nick 'Swishy' Stroud down there, popping in for a quick one. Louis and Josephine out together is always a pleasure. Plus some regulars like Katie D and her new boyf, Tracy, Lin; super. Sisters Shelly and Toni. The lovely Terry. Mica and Tony. Nicky Naughty. Zoe and Tanya. Great friends all.

Later after packing up we head off to the Brewery Bar to catch the Delicious Boys and to have a drink with EyeSaw Nick. Very aptly named I thought! The flashbulbs were popping, the dancefloor was dancing. Clare and I hang around for a bit socialising but we need to scarper sharpish and roll out the door around 2am and slip off into the blackness. She's going on holiday to Venice, don't you know, in 24 hours time, and we need to say goodbye...