19 May 2009

I put the washing out to dry

So as I’d said I got up early with Nero and we planned a great night. 

I’ll run her bath and cook food (we’re treating ourselves to chips even though we only permit chips when Nick has her period – don’t ask). Before she left for work she was well happy said to me; “I really do think
it’s getting a lot better”.

And I said “So do I.” And you know what? It is.

I’m off to the Co-op for croissants and am just going to chill today – read a book (Kuerishi’s ‘Love in a Blue Time’), watch the second half of the documentary McLibel and play with the kittens. Oh yeah, I need to ring Charles about our amp that, ahem, shorted out at the last 7th Heaven Club night. Luckily Shaun stepped in and lent us his rig and now he’s really one of us and we’d do anything for him now. In fact he’s headlining this Thursday. Kismet. And I put the washing out to dry.